UCI Veteran Services Center

Maps & Directions

Section 1

Directions to UCI and the Student Center

As you near the campus, the closest available parking to our office is the UCI Student Center Parking Structure (SCPS) located at the intersection of Pereira and W. Peltason. The UCI Student Center is located directly across SCPS (Pereira side). Parking permits are available from the attendants at the parking structure. An All-Day pass is $10, or $2.00 per hour.

Please click "more" to view a Google Map - Street View of the Student Center Parking Structure.

Directions to the VSC

From Student Center Parking Structure

Enter the building under "STUDENT CENTER" lettering across Pereira. Stay on the ground floor and proceed straight past Emerald Bay conference rooms. Proceed through lounge seating and down a few steps towards Pacific Ballroom. Just past Pacific Ballroom C, there is an alcove on the right with an elevator. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor and exit straight into the Veteran Services Center as you step out of the elevator.

From Ring Road

Take the Ring Road stairwell by the bridge up one level to the 3rd floor, or enter the main terrace and then take the stairs or elevator behind the concrete stage/platform up to the 3rd floor. When taking the stairs, follow the signs and the Veteran Services Center.

Please click "more" to view a Google Map - Street View of the Student Center Building.