UCI Veteran Services Center

Military Spouse Resources

Guaranteed Family Housing

Eligible service members, reservists, and veterans are guaranteed an offer of on-campus housing for four years or the normal time to degree completion, whichever is greater. The housing guarantee applies to both eligible students who are single and those with families. The housing guarantee will remain in place if a degree program is interrupted by a deployment. Service members should register with our office in order for their eligibility status to be confirmed. Please submit a Member-4 copy of a DD-214, which is required to honor all guarantees (does not include dishonorable or uncharacterized discharges) or military orders to our office and indicate that you would like to receive the guaranteed housing benefit.

If you are an undergraduate or transfer student, housing guarantee options include Transfer, Graduate, or Family housing. You must apply for housing through the normal housing application found on UCI Housing. Be sure to indicate on the application that you are a veteran, reservist, or active duty service member. If there isn't a place to indicate this, make sure to register and follow up with our office and we will verify with the housing office of your veteran/military status.

For more information on the different types of housing, scheduling tours, floor plans, and current rates please visit the UCI Housing website. You can also reach them by telephone at 949-824-6811 or by email at housing@uci.edu

Child Care Assistance

UCI Child Care Services

The UCI Child Care Services provides a variety of child care services that include infant care (ages 3-36), preschool (ages 2 1/2 to kindergarten) and an extended day center (ages 5-12) for all students.

The centers provide opportunities for children to begin developing:

  • a belief in themselves as capable people,

  • a sense of belonging and importance in the world,

  • the perception that their thoughts, choices, and actions affect the circumstances of their lives,

  • skills for handling their inner feelings, thoughts and emotions in ways that increase their enjoyment of life and contribute to their success,

  • interpersonal skills including listening, communicating, cooperating, negotiating, sharing and empathizing,

  • an understanding of cause and effect, responsibility, adaptability, and flexibility,

  • judgment skills.

For more information regarding specific details on the different types of care, current rates, job opportunities, and contact information please visit the UCI Child Care Services website.

The Foundation For Women Warriors

The Foundation for Women Warriors is currently offering child care assistance to women veterans moms who are qualified for the program. 

If you are a women veteran or would like to know more about the foundation and the services they provide you can reach at (310) 733- 2450 or by visiting the Foundation For Women Warriors Homepage.

Other Spouse and Family Resources

Orange County Strong Families Strong Children

We believe Orange County’s military and veteran connected families deserve the support they need to build strong, healthy, resilient families, regardless of discharge status. Since 2015 Strong Families Strong Children (SFSC) has helped military connected families with children to access a number of free support services through the collaboration of its five non-profit agencies that have come together–each bringing its own specialized expertise– to offer these families access to free support services and programs to help them thrive.

Strong Families Strong Children was formed in 2013 to address the service gap for military and veteran connected children and families in Orange County. Child Guidance Center, the lead agency, partnered with three non-profit organizations –Human Options, Families Forward and Children and Family Futures– to form the SFSC Collaborative. Veteran Legal Institute later joined the collaborative. Since services began in July 2015, SFSC has helped more than 200 children and their families in Orange County.

Our team understands the unique challenges of military and veteran families, from deployment or returning home, to dealing with injury and loss, to parenting and maintaining personal relationships. That’s because all of our Peer Navigators and Clinical Case Managers have either served in the military themselves or has a military-connected family member. We offer special programs and services –all free of charge– to address these unique needs. Our programs emphasize a coordinated, community-based approach to ensure military families receive comprehensive, culturally-sensitive mental health and basic needs services.

Orange County’s military and veteran-connected families have made great sacrifices to serve and protect our country and it’s our honor to serve them.

For more information on Strong Families Strong Children please visit them at there website Strong Families Strong Children

UCI Partner Retreats

The Anteater Recreation Center (ARC) & UCI CARE offers  Partner Retreats which includes a variety of guided activities and engaging dialogue for all partners looking to improve and strengthen their relationship.

UCI Student Parent Groups

Student Parents at UCI and UCI Parents are community-based facebooks designed to help parents and families that are attending UCI. Both facebook groups can help and assist families that may be new to the area and have questions or are seeking information regarding what is happening around community to provide insight based on what other families or parents have experience within the communtiy.

Listed below are the two currently active groups at UCI:

Student Parents @ UCI (For students who are parents)

UCI Parents (For parents of UCI students)