UCI Veteran Services Center


Professional Staff

Dani Molina, Ph.D.

Veteran Services Center
University of California, Irvine

Professional Experience

Veterans Resource Center
California State University, Los Angeles

Senior Program and Research Manager
Veterans Programs
American Council on Education

Radio Operator and Maintainer
HHC, 49th Quartermaster Group
United States Army


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
Higher Education and Organizational Change
University of California, Los Angeles

Master of Arts (M.A.)
Higher Education and Organizational Change
University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Latin American and Latino Studies
University of California, Santa Cruz

Simón Londoño, M.Ed.

Assistant Director
Veteran Services Center
University of California, Irvine

Professional Experience

Assistant Director
Student Involvement & Leadership
Saint Mary’s College of California

Advisor (Graduate Intern)
Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement (SOLE)
University of California, Los Angeles

Leadership Development Advisor (Graduate Intern)
Office of Residential Life
University of California, Los Angeles

Logistics Specialist and Supply Work-Center Supervisor
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion One
United States Navy


Master of Education (M.Ed.)
Student Affairs in Higher Education
University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Student Staff

Lindsay Lee Bennet 
Peer Navigator

Affiliation: UCI Army ROTC Cadet 
Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program: Urban Studies 
Professional Interests: Commissioning into the US Army
Past Time Activities: Baking, Exercising, Watching True Crime and Anime. 

Andre Castro 
Peer Navigator 

Preferred Name: Andre
Affiliation: Navy Veteran
Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program: Social Ecology, Political Science
Professional Interests: Social Impact Strategist; PhD, Political Theory; Law School
Past Time Activities: Podcasts, Painting, Volleyball, Basketball, Reading
Favorite Quote: "First they came for them, and I did not speak out- Because I was not them. Then they came for the others, and I did not speak out - because I was not them. Then they came for me- and there was no one left to speak for me."

Kyle Liam
Peer Advisor

Affiliation: US Navy Dependent 
Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program: Politcal Science 
Professional Interests: Intelligence Officer (U.S. Navy)
Past Time Activities: Reading, Drawing, Games, Learning Japanese, Marksmanship, 
Favorite Quote: “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your BS.” - W.C. Fields 

Erin Meredith 
Peer Advisor 

Affiliation: Dependent of US Navy Veteran
Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program: Criminology, Law and Society B.A.
Professional Interests: helping underprivileged youth, making education more available and equal
Past Time Activities:  Playing volleyball, meditation and other forms of self care, going to music festivals and concerts, and catching up on my favorite shows.
Favorite Quote: "One day you're seventeen and planning for someday, and then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today, and that someday is yesterday and this is your life"

Garrett Murrieta 
Peer Advisor

Affiliation: Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps 
Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program: 
Criminology, Law & Society
Professional Interests: 
Law enforcement, Psychology
Past Time Activities: 
Movies, Paintball, Concerts, Beach
Favorite Quote:  
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" Wayne Gretzky, Michael Scott, Garrett Murrieta 

Matthew Olitoquit 
Peer Advisor

Affiliation: US Navy Dependent 
Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program: Informatics 
Professional Interests: I'm just trying to graduate first. 
Past Time Activities:  Music,  socializing with friends, reading, sleeping, video games, cooking, vibing. 
Favorite Quote: "Why have two kids when you can have two corgis?"

RigelKent Paden 
Peer Advisor 

Preferred Name: Kent, Panda 
US Air Force Veteran 
Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program: 
Drama with a focus in acting
Professional Interests: Acting (Stage and Screen) 
Past Time Activities: wood carving, riding my motorcycle, watching movies, playing video games, listening to audio books
Favorite Quote: “Some people are like slinkies. No true purpose in life, but will always put a smile on your face when you push them down a flight of stairs”

Isabelle Santos
Peer Advisor 

Affiliation: US Navy Dependent
Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program: Pharmaceutical Science
Professional Interests: Administration and Medicine 
Past Time Activities: Journaling, Calligraphy, and Self Care
Favorite Quote: "At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can" ~ Frida Kahlo

Joe Yecco 
Peer Navigator 

Affiliation: USMC Veteran
Undergraduate/Graduate Degree Program: Mathematics
Professional Interests: Mathematical Logic and Mathematical Biology
Past Time Activities:I enjoy backpacking, cooking, weightlifting, photography, reading books
Favorite Quote: "Leaders make things happen"- Lt Col McClam