UCI Veteran Services Center

Campus Benefits

Section 1

Housing Guarantee

Eligible service members, reservists, and veterans are guaranteed an offer of on-campus housing for four years or the normal time to degree completion, whichever is greater. The housing guarantee applies to both eligible students who are single and those with families. The housing guarantee will remain in place if a degree program is interrupted by a deployment. Service members should register with our office in order for their eligibility status to be confirmed. Please submit a Member-4 copy of a DD-214, which is required to honor all guarantees (does not include dishonorable or uncharacterized discharges) or military orders to our office and indicate that you would like to receive the guaranteed housing benefit.

If you are an undergraduate or transfer student, housing guarantee options include Transfer, Graduate, or Family housing.  Keep in mind that if you are a population that has access to another housing guarantee such as a freshman, transfer or graudate program specific guarantee then you should follow the avenues of those guarantees first.  This guarantee is intended for Full-Time student veterans that do not have access to another guarantee or are looking for housing outside of the typical deadline cycle.

1) Please visit this website for instructions specifically for veterans looking to access the guarantee.

2)You must apply for housing through the normal housing application found on UCI Housing. Be sure to indicate on the application that you are a veteran, reservist, or active duty service member. If there isn't a place to indicate this, make sure to register and follow up with our office and we will verify with the housing office of your veteran/military status.

Priority Registration

All veterans, reservists, and active duty service members are eligible for priority registration windows to enroll in classes during their academic careers at UCI as well as any term in which they are readmitted from active duty. The policy applies only to students who meet entrance requirements to the UC system.

All students who are currently are active duty, reservists or a veteran qualify for priority registration (does not include dishonorable or uncharacterized discharges). Please register with our office by submitting a Member-4 DD-214 and indicate that you'd like to receive the priority registration benefit.