UCI Veteran Services Center

Support our Military Veterans

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The Veteran Services Center's Military Student Program Fund is dedicated to assisting our military-connected students stay on the path to achieving their academic dreams.

Veteran Services Center (VSC) Fund

The Veteran Services Center (VSC) hosts a series of programs each year for the veteran and dependant population at UCI. These include workshops, speaker sessions, flagpole ceremonies, the Annual Veterans and Dependents Appreciation Dinner, and many more. These programs help to integrate military-connected students to UCI for the purpose of helping and providing support for their transition to college life. Through the Military Student Program Fund we provide additional resources and programming designed to address the specific needs of deserving military-connected students entering and adjusting to academic life following military service.

If you are interested in donating to the center to support these programs, please visit: http://www.uadv.uci.edu/MSPF/.

The following selections should be pre-selected if you follow the link above:
1. Under the 'Designations,' click 'See All/Schools & Unit.'
2. Still within the 'See All/Schools & Units,' scroll to "CAMPUS - Student Affairs."
3. Please select 'Military Student Program Fund' and click continue. Complete the rest of the form as needed to submit payment.